Trekking for beginners..

Near Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, Himachal pradesh, India a beautiful tracking opportunity where you can
lost yourself in nature.Most interesting activity i find in Mcleodganj, 
Triund means walk over three heels, its 5 KM long walk, start easy but as you further it become more difficult especially last phase. Normal walking speed it will take 5 hours to reach up to top. In general summer is the best time for triund trek. First thing you need to check whether report before go on this trek because no medical or any other help easily possible. If you plan in advances then start treadmill with alkaline mode, at least every day walk up to one hour.
Up to galu devi you can take taxi, At Gulu devi base point Forest department make your entry for triund trek. Best time to begin your trekking is early morning. You reach on top around after noon. If the weather not allows staying you have chances to plan come back at the same day. Otherwise it is better to stay there for a night. You will enjoy the n…

Solo female traveler must know before travel to India

You might be heard in news about sexual crime against women in India. Most of incidents done by criminals where a female they find at unsecure places. Please do not imagine every Indian man is rapist. Normal youth raise their voices whenever such incident happens. 

India is quite a safe country, but you must use your common sense precaution you would use anywhere. Don't be afraid to travel solo, and don't be afraid to spend some time with locals.
I do not want to make it complicated but if follow the few tips will help you a lot –
Do your homework – Do not treat India like a single unit, it’s a country of diversity. As you hit the ground in some big metro city like Delhi or Mumbai, do not expect the same culture in further small town like Agra or etc. 
Make your plan - India is a country of people, last minute booking sometimes take you nowhere. Few examples –   - When you book a train or bus or flight, Do not reach on destination on occurred time.  - In case if you reach late night…

Do not panic Indian cash crunch.

Now a days you might heard lot about Indian money crises. Its a big step for Indian economy, but for tourist government take several step to help them. For a tourist it is not a problem. If you heard only because some of the tourist might be unaware about the banking support.

Please Do not pay attention to rumors regarding demonetization (money issue) of Indian currency. It is a booster dose for Indian economy and tourist its a good opportunity because in beginning comparatively your tour become more cheaper.

As a tourist you have to take care of five simple things are following -

1. Bring more in cash - When you move from your country bring your currency like 1000 USD will helpful in case electronic transaction not work. easy to money exchange, many places people accept foreign currency. All monuments have online booking facility. 

2. Tourist have priority in banks - To help tourist bank create separate counter for tourist. Much easy to do banking, not crowded for tourist.

3. Card &am…

10 things to know before Elephant ride at amber palaces, Jaipur

1. Most beautiful Ambiences - In Jaipur Elephant ride at Amber palaces is organised by government. Most beautiful ride with a excellent ambiences. This is a historical ride because king of Amber used to enter in his palaces by the elephant on the same way. Amber palaces is a palaces of gardens when you do this elephant ride you have opportunity to see all these garden and valleys and big Mahavata lake. In center of Mahavata lake you see a beautiful saffron garden. No comparision with any other private elephant ride in amber or Jaipur.

2. Purpose of the ride to help farmers - Government organised this ride to provide job employment to farmers. This ride is not for commercial purpose. This ride is very popular but due to elephant welfare they have limited rounds. They serve you on the first come first serve basis. Every elephant allowed to make 3 to 5 trips in the day. Generally due heavy demand all elephants complete  their trip before 12 Noon.

3. Most reasonable prices - Cost of ride is…

Jaipur By Night

Jaipur is one of the top visited city in India, In world it is famous as Pink City, Its real beauty revealed when it lighten by light. In day you bear heat and traffic bad on roads.In night it very pleasent.

Due to these aspect in point of view now Jaipur management deside to open city monuments for night, Name it Jaipur by night.

Change of Monuments timing - Now government change monuments timing for night tour, All monuments are open till 10PM.

Light and sound show - In tour at Janter Manter and Amber palaces they begin light and sound show.
These show are great opportunity to understand history with all light and sound effects.

Monuments more beautiful and Less crowded - Day tour highly busy and crowded but still night tour very peaceful. Light decoration done in such a way it enhances the beauty of all the monuments.

Good for indian situation - In India we have long summer and highly conjunction on traffic. if you plan to do sight scene in night, you will be free from all these proble…

Indian Curry full of Spices

8 July 1497 early morning four strange ship reach at bank of Calicut now become kozhikode. Shoulders rush to the king to inform about these strange people. Captain of the ship crew was Vasco Da Gama, first European reached to India by sea. He led a fleet of four ships with a crew of 170 men fromLisbon. In 2 years he crossed 24000 miles. Da Gama’s father made a promise with King Manuel I of Portugal to find a sea route to India by sailing around Africa before completing their promise his father died. He lost two ships in the voyage and only 55 crew member including Vasco da Gama able to survive. It was the first journey from Portugal to India nobody have idea how difficult it is. Nobody have the idea about the rout. With the two very basic instruments, compasses, an astrolabe and few astronomical charts he complete the voyage. When Da Gama returned to Lisbon King Manuel rewarded him and gave him the title of Admiral of the Sea of India because his voyage opened the first all-water trade…

Back in Luxury of Rajasthan Royalty ;Oberoi Rajvilas Jaipur

Personally as a travel writer & tour leader I never enough time to enjoy the comfort and services of a hotel. My working style makes me leave early morning and come back at late night. I have hardly have time to spent in Hotel, but one experience makes me real lazy which I would like to share with you. Last summer I was with a group of photographers in Jaipur we stayed in Oberoi Rajvilas Jaipur. Every room was like a separate villa.  Around 32 acres spread real garden with Lush green loan. Long lonely paths were there to walk long. It’s like a big resort. More open spaces in between two separate villa like room & suites. It's  like a beautiful “Havali” in a peaceful village in natural coutryside.
Old traditional nobles in Rajasthan royalty used to live in “Havalies”. Literally the meaning of this word is come from a Hindi word which is used for breeze that is “Hawa” and word “Havali” is used for a building which has fine ventilation system. These expansive houses were only…